Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Stylin' Baby Helmets Review and Giveaway*

This will be a two part Giveaway! This first part will be a review on the flowers and hat and the second will be on the bows and the onsies! Be sure to check back for part two!

When Lily was diagnosed with Plagiocephaly, as most of you know I was just heart broken.  I could not handle the thought of people pointing or giving odd looks our way and etc. When I heard about Stylin' Baby Helmets, I was still in my slump and even told the owner how down I was. She was so kind and since her daughter had Plagio she understood and reminded me to relax and breathe. She was so kind and helpful. She offered to have AOAMM do a review and giveaway and I am so excited to do this since it holds such a special place in my heart.

Lily and here Large Stylin Purple Flower

I picked the Large Purple Flower, seen to the left and also the 
Small Red and Large Cream and I also got the Green Bow Turned up Hat! I got the package and could not wait to bling out Lilys helmet! The first thing I liked was it came with a bag of adhesive velcro  and I got to place it where I wanted it. (It also comes off easy. Our Ortho doctor removed the velcro when he was re-sizing it and we just stuck another on.) I ended up having to take Lily to the doctor this past week because she fell ill with RSV and she was wearing her helmet with her purple flower and the RNs all thought it was a winter hat until they saw the strap on the side. Everyone said they have never seen anything so adorable before and could not believe how cute it made it. I felt so good after hearing that. I was so worried for nothing. Actually the flowers and hat have made it so much easier for conversations to start up about how cute it is and move on to other things. I am so proud to bring her out and show off her different flowers and decor and I like that you can stick the flowers to the hat as well. It gives it some extra flair and that is always nice. 

I love the site because it also gives resource links and for a parent that is the most helpful thing in the world. I LOVE this company and would recommend them to every parent who has a child with Plagio.

Want to win a hat and flowers for your babys helmet or band?
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Contest will end on March 15th. Winner will be picked using Random.Org. Please leave a comment for each thing you have done to have a better chance at winning.

*AOAMM was provided a hat and flowers from Stylin Baby Helmets at no cost in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts are that of AOAMM and do not reflect the company*