Sunday, April 13, 2014

MiracleSuit Review

I hate swimsuit season. I dread walking down the isles of Target to find either bikinis or one piece swimsuits, that would suit my grandmothers sense of style more so then my own. 
I honestly just feel depressed when it comes time to go to the pool or the beach. I had a baby 8 months ago (and 3 years before that, and another year before that) so my body has what I like to call a 
A Kangaroo pouch that comes from carrying your unborn children.
And no matter what swimsuit I put on (especially when wet) it is the main focus and just unfaltering. 

I came across the Miraclesuit and HAD to try. 
The swimsuit company has a pretty inciting slogan
"Look 10 pounds lighter in 10 seconds"
Say,What? So I looked through the NUMEROUS options and styles of swimsuits and selected two gorgeous options.


First, let me say that the swimsuits look EXACTLY like the images. There have been times when I ordered clothing online and thought it looked completely different when it arrived. I was so happy with the look and style of both the Miraclesuits

Shipping was fast and the swimsuits came on hangers and in a bag. 
I was so excited to slide on my Pin Point Rialto, and it did NOT disappoint. 
I felt so good about myself in this. It sucked in my tummy and made me feel confident. I WANTED to go to the beach and the pool, because I felt good about myself. I had self confidence in a swimming suit and that was a first since having children.

It fit perfectly though, it hugged my body and my curves. I am in the process of working out and losing weight (Down 10 lbs, YAY!) and I do feel like if I lose anymore weight, the swimsuit won't fit me the way its meant to. I have 5 to 10 more pounds to lose and then I might have to get a smaller size.

The wide range of style options that MiracleSuit has available, is insane.
There is a style and a fit for everyone.

I can't talk up this company enough. They empower us as women to feel good about ourselves and embrace our body.

Please be sure to check out MiracleSuit
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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Top 5 Must Haves for your newborn

May was our third baby. We've used an abundance of baby products over the course of the last 5 years and I put together a list of our Top 5 Must Haves for your newborn. These were life saving products that my husband and I feel every new or experienced parent needs to invest in. 

1. Mamaroo by 4moms.

Oh, you magical little thing. May had severe acid reflux and was an inconsolable newborn, to the point  of driving us to tears. We tried everything from gas drops, swaddling, warm packs, medications, etc and the ONLY thing that soothed our baby, was the 4moms Mamaroo. With the option to play your own MP3s or choose from one of the 5 pre-installed tunes, was a magical feature that left us (and her) delighted. The 6 different movement choices rocked all of our worlds. We packed away her traditional swing and made the Mamaroo her go-to gadget. The incline/recline feature was extremely helpful the older she got. This product is so compact and lightweight that we would throw it in the back of our small vehicle and travel with it. It helped our baby relax and sleep and be able to digest her meals easier. Love you 4moms. 
Mamaroo can be purchased by visiting 4Moms.Com (or if you're local, by stopping at Baby's on broadway in Little Falls, MN.)

2. Aden + Anais Bamoo Dream Blanket.
Luxurious, Muslin, Comfort. All words I would use to describe Mayzees "chewy" blanket. We own two different designs of the Bamboo Muslin Dream Blanket from Aden + Anais. We purchased them before May was born and 7 months later, they are still her favorite items. The soft muslin fabric only gets softer with each wash (do not use fabric softener!) and is heavy enough to provide maximum warmth. We won the swaddles as well (another product I recommend) but the dream blanket was used to swaddles, snuggle and become a security for our baby. 
Aden + Anias Dream Bamboo Blanket can be purchased at

3.Snuggle Me Sleeper by Taggies.
We co-sleep (and by co-sleeping I mean sharing a bed and or a room with your child) Mayzees reflux was bad enough where she couldn't lay down flat or she would erupt in horrible screaming fits that prevented her (and us) from getting any sleep. The Taggies Sleep and Play was a lifesaver for us. It traveled with us from room to room and place to place. Easy to fold and pack away when need be and sturdy and safe when in use. Loved the vibration pack that would lull by sleepy baby into a peaceful dream oasis and the incline was enough to allow her to sleep without throwing up or gagging and screaming. She is 7 months old and still uses it for naps. 
Taggies Sleep and Play can be purchased by going to

4. Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature bottles.
Tommee Tippee saved our lives. When Mayzee was diagnosed with a severe milk allergy, we had to stop breast feeding and switch to Nutramigen. May refused every bottle we gave her and no matter how hard we tried, she would not eat because she couldn't take the nipples. We tried Tommee Tippee and instantly she latched and ate an entire bottle. Since then, we have still tried other bottles and each time we are faced with the same result, "no thank you."
They help reduce her gas, allow her to feed without screaming and becoming frustrated that she can't latch and are very easy for her to hold. The wide base and long extended nipple I think is what did it for her. It mocked my breast perfectly which allowed her the comfort and ease of what she knew. It helped the transition of breast to bottle for us and I am forever in their debt.
Tommee Tippee can purchased at Amazon.Com or local Target retailers.

5. Pipa by Nuna
What is this thing and where did you come from? First off let me say that we have used a lot of infant car seats. Graco, Chicco, Safety First, Evenflo, and Baby Trend. All of which are great and have fantastic safety features and different price points for everyone's budget, but the Nuna HANDS DOWN wins it.  The safety features on this infant seat are out of this world. 

-Side Impact Protection
-5 Point Harness
-5 Second Install Base with added support leg. 

The comfort that this seat brings is phenomenal. Made with Oeko-Tex fabric and is plush and cushy. Perfect for your little one and makes sitting in this seat enjoyable and comfortable, a MUST! The fabric keeps your little ones cool in the heat and warm in the cold. LOVE.

Lightweight and easy to carry, which is a must with 2 toddlers in tow. Compared to other big named seats, this one is the lightest that I've used.  The seat is only 7.7 pounds and made out of top of the line plastics. 

Comes in 
Scarlet (which we own)
Navy (exclusive at Albee Baby)
Blackberry (coming soon)

Built in dream drape with a hidden magnetic hold has been a feature that we use on the daily! Living in Minnesota we deal with snow, wind,rain,heat whenever Mother Nature feels like giving it to us. This protector allows us to go for walks, bring the girls into school all without getting baby wet/cold/hot, etc, and stores nicely away in a hidden compartment when not in use. 

Screen window allows for monitoring without openings the sun shade and awaking them by the bright light. I can take a quick peek and allow her to sleep as we are doing our weekly shopping. 

My Husband was the one that said this seat has to be in the must have list. 
This is my infant seat of choice.

You can purchase the Nuna Pipa at ShopNuna.Com
(or if you're local by visiting Baby's on Broadway in Little Falls, MN)

*I was not paid for this post nor was I given any of the products to facilitate this post. All thoughts are that of AOAMM and do not reflect the companies listed above*

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Spa treatments for a year?! MAM says so.

 Looking for a reason to love MAM even more?

MAM is looking to give one lucky person spa treatments for an entire year!
Yeah, you heard me.

Read below to find out how you can enter:

Parenting can be hard, but your unbridled love for your children drowns out all fears and tears. Share with us what makes your little ones so special, your hopes and dreams for their futures and the joys of parenthood by posting a video, photo or letter on Eligible entries will be considered for a grand prize of a year’s worth of spa treatments, valued at $2,500. It’s MAM’s way of celebrating you for the love you share.  Enter here:  Deadline to enter: April 15, 2014.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Basq NYC Review

Finding the right skin care line is essential to any woman. I love to keep my body looking as good on the outside as I feel on the inside, but with pregnancy that can be impossible. I gained 40+ pounds and welcomed a new little "family" of stretch marks to my mid-section. I used "butters" and "cream" that I purchased in bulk from our local retailers and never saw a difference. My skin was left battled and scarred and even though I am working out, my mid section is just...floppy.

I heard about Basq and when I actually got the chance to use their products, I was stoked. Basq is a high end line of skin care products and I couldn't be more impressed. 

The Toning oil is my favorite. I've noticed a huge difference on my thighs and a bit but not much in the mid section (that I'm afraid will probably always be a little loose) 
The smell is delightful and smells clean and powerful. It doesn't leave a oil/greasy residue on my skin or hands and quickly soaks into the skin. It has just become part of my nightly and morning routine. 
The packaging is great. Nice glass bottle and impressive detail. Easy pump for quick applications is a must and that's what it provided.

The Advanced Stretch Mark Cream is another great product. While I haven't seen a decrease in my stretch marks (I didn't expect to though) it feels good that I am preventing any further ones from arising. I use it on my arms, legs, thighs, and even breasts. Also smells great and doesn't leave that sticky feel that certain butters can do. 
Not a fan so much of the packaging though, it had a sticker on a plastic jar and looked a little cheap to me. I feel if it was a glass jar or the label was similar to the glass bottle it would have looked like a more high end product.
I love Basq. I simply just love Basq. 
Spending the money on a skin care line that is favored by many women, (including celebrities) and that actually works, is a chance I am hoping you will take. I always find it hard to purchase something (especially skin care products) without being able to test them or use the "Try Me!" samples at the stores, but I such a Basq believer, that I want you all to be too! Make it a part of your daily routine, you won't be disappointed.

To learn more or to purchase, visit Basq HERE.

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*I was provided a sample for my review. I was not paid for this post*

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Yoomi self heating bottle Review

We're a pretty active family and with that we can run into some issues with always having the perfect temperature bottle. May is my only baby that has to have a bottle at a certain temperature, and anyone that travels or is always on the move, knows how difficult it can be to prep a bottle at the right temp on the go.
I dislike using regular tap water from random places and so when we heard about the Yoomi, we knew we had to give it a go. 

Yoomi was created by two parents, Farah and Jim who have had their fair share of late night bottle warming experiences. All Yoomi bottles are BPA-free and have a anti colic teat, that is breast like for easy latch.

I was pleasantly surprised with how neat and nice the Yoomi was packaged. Probably one of my favorite bottle packaging of all time. I found that all the pieces can be a bit scary at first. Typically you get a bottle and a nipple, now you have a bottle, nipple, warming pod, etc. the directions kind of threw me for a bit of a loop as well, but thankfully Yoomi has an instructional video on YouTube and it did me wonders at making sure we were using it correctly. I found it to be an easy process once I got the hang of it. In 3 easy steps you will have the perfect bottle. 
1. Charge the warmer.
2. Push the button.
3. 60 seconds your bottle is warm and ready to use.

The bottle is a bit heavy, so May had a hard time holding it by herself. I loved the self heating aspect of this bottle, simple and effective. A simple push on the warmer and you have the perfect temperature bottle in seconds. Never too hot, never too cold. It has been glorious for us to use on road trips and events such as Sesame Street Live where you need a warm bottle but know you don't have access to it.  

Yoomi is available in starter packs, 5oz/140ml bottles, 8oz/240ml bottles, warmers, slow-medium-fast flow nipples. 

I enjoy this bottle and it is our go to when we are on the run and would recommend  it to those busy bee parents. 
If you would like more information on Yoomi, please visit the website below.
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*I was provided product in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts are that of AOAMM and not the company*

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Jack and Lily Review

I am a baby shoe freak. 
Mayzee has so many pairs of shoes, that even I can't keep up. We've tried and tested a fair amount of top name shoe companies,  Jack & Lily can now go in the LOVE IT! category. 

I had the hardest time picking out a pair of shoes from their MyShoes collection. All of the styles were something I could see my baby wearing. They had a shoe to go with anything, from patent toe to animal print you will find something to fit your little ones personalized style. 
The thing I love most about these shoes, is how much time and dedication was put into making it.
They keep such a watchful eye over the entire process that they say you will not find a rough seam or a less-than-perfect stitch.  The unique flexibility aspect of the MyShoe is recommended by  Medical Experts for your little ones tootsies. 
They have Velcro -enough said for me-

Jack  & Lily owners have been in the leather business for over 25 years and each shoe uses the best 'lamb touch' leather that is available. The Jack & Lily team travel from New York to Asia to Europe to source ideas and materials for their ever growing collection.  The shoes are currently sold in 24 countries, that's HUGE!
They have a global community of friends and family that gather and help make this company what it is. You can actually submit your own shoe design to them. You get to design the shoe, name the shoe, get one of the first pairs ever made and be a part of the entire production. How fun!

I just adore these shoes and this company. The team over at Jack & Lily are just phenomenal and really put everything they have into these shoes, I know you would not be disappointed. Be sure to take advantage of their Free Shipping on all orders of $50 or more (North America only)

Jack & Lily were kind enough to offer a pair to one of my readers in US or Canada. 
Please enter via Rafflecopter below and good luck!

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by clicking
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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

American Blanket Company Review & Giveaway

I love to feel luxurious. I adore my high thread count sheets and faux fur. I love to be comfortable and I love to enjoy my rest time. I've found that when I have higher thread count sheets and amazingly soft goose down pillows, that I sleep better. I'm relaxed and in a state of euphoria and so my body just drifts away and washes all of todays troubles away.

I got the chance to review a blanket from The American Blanket Company. 
When I first saw the blankets and read the description, I thought it would be like any other fleece blanket that I've had. To be honest with you, I'm not a fleece fan, I always thought the material felt weird against my skin and I just did not like it...until...
This is seriously the SOFTEST and PLUSH blanket that I own.  My daughter has a $70 baby blanket that is "High End Luxe" and this one blows it out of the water. We opened it and I was literally sitting there with my mouth open. 
How and why is this blanket so soft?!

The Throw Blanket we received is the Luster Loft Fleece Throw Blanket. 
Size is 50x70 and sells for $49.00.
We let Caylee pick the color and she loved the Golden Dune (which is a pretty/soft orange color)
*mind you, orange matches nothing in my BLUE living room, but it was what she wanted haha*

The American Blanket Company is a very small company based out of Fall River, MA, with just a handful of employees that personally cut, sew and package every single blanket. That just does not happen anymore, I'm loving that they do this. The quality of the work is superb and you can tell how much work went into it.
All products made by The American Blanket Company are guaranteed for life. Yes, life!
If anything is to happen to your amazingly soft and cushy blanket, they will replace it..FREE.
Maybe you are not looking for something for yourself, but your little one..Don'y worry, they've got you covered. They also have a delectable line of baby blankets, which you can personalize!

I can't even gush about these blankets enough. We all fight over who gets the throw when it comes movie time, and although its big enough to one wants to.
These are PERFECT for a house warming gift or to a newly married couple.
I will be stocking up not only for myself, but for family as well.

The American Blanket Company is offering one of my lucky readers a chance to win one of their 
50x70 Luster Loft Throw in a color of your choice!

Enter via Rafflecopter below and GOOD LUCK!

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